Why You Need A Grand Junction Sewage Inspection

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If you are purchasing an older home you really need to consider having a Grand Junction sewer inspection performed. Many of the old sewer lines were made of terra cotta and are starting to fail.

Some municipalities require the upgrade of a lateral sewer before the close of escrow. Typically homes built before 1970 are the ones we are seeing failing the most, however there can be other issues that cause sewer failure no matter what age of home, so just be aware.

Tree Roots Damage Sewage Pipes

Tree roots are the usual culprit. In the terra cotta pipelines there are several sections joined together. The breakdown usually occurs at those connections. The roots infiltrate the seam as it is not sealed and grow and cause a blockage.

Many times roto rooter and/or same type of company can come out on a yearly basis and roto root the pipe line. However there will come a time when the entire lateral sewer will need to be replaced.

Today they have the ability to dig two holes, one at the cleanout and the other where it meets the city junction and install a new line without digging up the entire yard to access.

Checking The Sewage Injector Pump

Some homes require a sewage injector pump. This is where a home is located below grade so that a pump is needed to push the sewage uphill to the main sewer line.

These pumps can fail. Make sure when you purchase a home to get a home warranty and add this sewage injector pump. It only costs about $25 extra and to replace one can cost around $3000 or more.

In same respect those homes that have septic tanks should always have a Grand Junction Sewer inspection as well and make sure is added to the home warranty.

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